The Secret of Success

The following is a clip of a fellow RMAX athlete, Jim Romig.  (He has the shorter haircut and is in black and gray.)  If you view the clip, watch his face.  Watching Jim in this clip, I noticed something important that applies to much of life and may very well be the secret of success.

Jim Romig match on Facebook

When his opponent has his arm about his neck and is cutting off his air, Jim’s face gets red and you see his body begin to tense.   In other words, it is obvious that he is uncomfortable.  I don’t know if he was feeling panic or not, but it would have been easy to in that situation.  You might also notice that his opponent repeatedly had Jim in situations where it appeared likely that he would tap out (signal to concede the match).  If you listen closely, someone even says that he is going to tap, but he didn’t.  Jim hung with the discomfort and found a way through it.  He did that repeatedly before he won the match.

I found myself admiring him for the tenacity and strength of will it took to recognize his ego as well as the false cues his body was giving that were implying he should just quit.  He had the wisdom to question the cues, and had developed the skills to find a way through the discomfort.

It is the first of the year and people are making New Year’s resolutions like politicians make promises.  If you are one of those people, and I hope that you have goals regardless of the time of year they are made, remember Jim as you work to achieve them.

That video clip is 127 seconds long.  There were multiple times of discomfort and 1 second of his opponent tapping out.  We see him win and think it is cool.  But what the video doesn’t show is all of the months of training, the dialogue he was having with himself when things were tough and quitting seemed a good option, or the way he prioritized his life leading up to that one-second tap out.

It isn’t about no pain-no gain, but is instead about enough discomfort that improvement is achieved.  Discomfort is OK, pain is not.  Pain will stop your progress, lead to injury, and make it harder for you to succeed.  Discomfort, complimented by enough satisfaction to keep you working, makes it possible to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you are training for sport, trying to lose weight, saving for a house, starting a business, etc….can you hang with the discomfort long enough to find a way through?

Until next time, may the choices you make and the actions you take today, create a better “you” tomorrow.


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2 Responses to The Secret of Success

  1. Alan says:

    Great article and you definitely made me think!
    I am the type to enjoy success or admit defeat a bit too quickly. Yes, it goes both ways I think because sometimes. success needs to be pushed aside in order to achieve new heights.

    Thanks for this great article, I’m definitely going to save it and read it from time to time. Great inspiration!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for stopping by!

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