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Charlie’s Choices (Choice B)

Another wave of nausea hits, and as Charlie is dry heaving into the toilet, his watch catches his eye.  It taunts him.  Everyone keeps telling him how little time he has, and he is spending this moment on his knees … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Choices

I was a bit delayed in getting to this, but here is the ‘choose your own adventure’ type of series.  It starts out based upon a real story and at least one of the choices will also be based upon … Continue reading

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Over half way!

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today so this will be short.  There are steaks waiting to be grilled and a salad to make, but I wanted to touch base with all of you before spending the … Continue reading

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The Tyranny Of The Urgent

We allow ourselves to become so immersed in the tyranny of the urgent that we defer the importance in life. — Peter Zebot One of my colleagues really dislikes the name of this blog and forum. He feels that there … Continue reading

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