New Day’s Evolutions

The article on page 20 of The RMAX Magazine regarding New Year’s Resolutions has sparked some conversation about goals, plans, and getting done those things we want to get done.  (It was written for kids, but it applies to all ages.)  One of the popular themes has been people saying that they have so many things they want to get done that they just don’t know where or how to start.  While I write out my goals each year around my birthday, a recent change in my life has given the opportunity for me to re-evaluate my goals.  Because of this and the conversations I’ve had with a few people, I have decided that I am going to try an experiment.  Since it is close to a time when many people are still working on their New Year’s Resolutions, I’d like to invite some of you to experiment with me.  If you are already successfully choosing, planning, and following through with your goals, this is not for you.  If you have trouble with any part of succeeding with your goals, this might be worth a try.

Simply put, the coolest goals and the best made plans are wasted if there isn’t ACTION.  If a person is having difficulty deciding which goal to work on not alone how to work on it, action is going to get lost.  The experiment I’m proposing is not necessarily the fastest way to reach your goals and it isn’t the most perfect way either, but I think that it can be effective…and it is certainly more effective than spending weeks/months/years trying to figure out which goals should be pursued and how.  So for all of you wanting perfection, afraid of making mistakes, scared of failure, don’t know where to start folks out there – get over it.  Those are all things that can hold you back and action is the thing that is going to carry you forward.

The experiment is simple and we’ll run it for 3 months.  The only supplies that you need include a pen/pencil and EITHER a calendar or a pad of sticky notes.  Each day when you wake up you will get the calendar/sticky note and write down one thing you will do that day that will improve

1)    Your health

2)    Your relationship with a family member, friend, or someone you interact with regularly

3)    Your happiness

So each day there will be a total of 3 things written down to do that day.  Once they are written down, complete them as quickly as possible.  Remember, it is action that we are after.  If you can’t get it done in 1 day it doesn’t go on your list.

When all three have been completed, cross off the day on the calendar or else take the sticky note and apply it to a wall/mirror/fridge/etc., – try to put them all on the same surface.  If you don’t complete the tasks, you will throw away the sticky note or leave that day uncrossed on your calendar.  But even if you don’t make it one day, the next day you start over with a new list of 3.

Only one other reminder — The list you make each day are for actions that YOU take.  Don’t list something that you want someone else to do regardless of how you feel it would improve any of the three things.  You only list things that you can do.

And that is that.  If you decide to experiment with me, please feel free to post your comments at the end of this post or any others where I talk about New Day’s Evolutions.

Until next time, may your choices and actions today create a healthier you tomorrow.


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