Happy January!

Happy New Year (a bit late) to everyone!

2011 is already shaping up to be a good year.  The first draft of my first novel is finally complete!  There is plenty of editing to do, but it will done and available for sale before summer.  Look for me to post an excerpt or two when the time gets closer.

For those of you who missed the announcement, most of my health and fitness writing can now be found at www.satisfactionandbeyond.com.  While it is health and fitness for everyone, there will be a special emphasis on those living with allergies and intolerances to food.  However some of the things that make food safe for those of us with food-allergies are some of the same things that make food healthy for all of us…so come by and check it out if you’re interested.  There will also be articles on exercise for those who have a “bum knee/shoulder/back/etc.”  The more banged up you are, the more important the right type of exercise is.

In the next few weeks the appearance of this site is going to change pretty drastically.  Not only will it be more appealing and have a cleaner look, but it should be easier to use too.

That’s it for the announcements for awhile.  From now on, I’ll be making posts that are more enjoyable to read, doing a few book reviews, etc.  See you with new content in a couple of weeks!

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