Gluten-free, Grain-free Pizza Crust Recipe Review

Depending on the diet you follow, this gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb, simple to make pizza crust can be a perfect addition for flavor and menu variety.


Gluten-free, Grain-free pizza!


The crust has the consistency and texture of a regular crust (which surprised me!)



Simple to make with easy to buy ingredients

It flipped very easily (that’s part of the directions and I was worried it would be challenging, but it wasn’t)

Low carb (according to a comment on the recipe site, only 3 in the entire crust)


Will easily substitute for buns or sandwich bread if made into several smaller “crusts”

With toppings, it tasted amazing and had a great texture.



There is definitely a hint of coconut taste if you eat the crust by itself (this could be a pro for some people or if you made a Hawaiian pizza).  I would bet that pizza sauce would prevent you from ever noticing, because even the fresh basil prevented me from tasting the coconut flavor when I ate it as a pizza.  I wouldn’t let the concern of a mild coconut taste stop you from trying it once, especially if you top it with traditional pizza toppings including sauce.

Obviously these contain dairy.  So, if you’re allergic or avoid dairy for other reasons, this crust won’t work for you.

The crust also contains eggs, but it seems very likely that an egg substitute could be used if eggs are your only allergy within the recipe.


Toppings added…

(The included pictures throughout this post show the crust at various phases.  My ultimate goal is to use it not just for pizza, but as a possible substitute for hamburger buns or sandwich bread that will let me stay low carb at summer gatherings.  So the crusts I made look more like personal-sized pizzas.)


You can see the original recipe and get quantities here:


All the ingredients before stirring…

The ingredients:

Mozzarella cheese (from milk from grass-fed cows)

eggs (local)

very small amounts of coconut flour, flax meal, and baking powder (all of them gluten and grain-free).


The toppings I used:

Peppers—red, yellow, green

Fresh basil

Dried oregano, garlic, and onion

Cooked grass-fed ground pork (I made the pork for a Bolognese sauce and stole a bit for my pizza)



Crusts before going in the oven

Before going into the oven…




Other comments

Because I altered the size and wanted to use veggies I’d chopped and frozen, I also changed the cooking time.  The first 15 minutes were according to the recipe.  I flipped the crusts, put them in for 5 minutes, and then I pulled them out again.  I heated the oven to 425F while I put on my toppings, and then put them in for 10 minutes (watch closely because much more time would have burned them).  Then they cooled for a few minutes as I made a spinach and romaine salad.

Baked pizza



Let me know by leaving a comment below if you try the crust and what you think of it.  I’ve not tried substituting the cheese with Daiya.  Since Daiya wouldn’t let it be low-carb enough for my preferences, I probably won’t.  (My hubby is happy with gluten-free grain crusts and doesn’t pay attention to carbs.)  But there are plenty of dairy-free people who read this blog, so if you try it, please let us know.


Until next time!



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