Charlie’s Choices (choice C)

The following is part of an ongoing series that is a bit of a “choose your own adventure” style story.  Part of it is based on truth, and part of it is totally fiction.


The phone continues to ring for an incessantly long time so Charlie sets down his book and answers.



“Who is this?”

“I was calling to talk to Lisa.  Is Lisa there?”

“You must have the wrong number.”


Charlie hears a click as the other guy hangs up the phone.  At least it wasn’t my parents or Betsy.

He settles back in to reading his book.


Choice D will be coming soon.  My deepest apologies for the slow stream that these are arriving in.  I have some other big projects in the works that will especially appeal to those of you interested in nutrition, health, and fitness.  You can look for announcements about them to be presented in the next few months.  Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with this story line.

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