The life of a Chaser seemed to fit Ottum like well-made armor. She hunted and killed evil without questioning the path her life had taken – until the day evil started hunting her. In that dark moment, Ottum’s past and present collided to shatter what she once believed to be unquestionable truth. Ottum’s dead mentor begins talking to her in dreams, asking her to come to him. Another Chaser is poisoned and used as bait to lure her into an evil trap. And as she struggles to save her brother from the Avil’s tortuous acts and the other Chaser from the poison, Ottum wonders if she is losing her mind or seeing life as it really is for the first time.  Adult language (infrequent cursing) and non-descriptive violence.

Available at (print and eBook), Smashwords (eBook), Createspace (print), and Barnes & Noble (eBook).

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Currently there is another book in the works (the back story of one of the Chasing characters) that is scheduled to be published next year.  Subscribe to my newsletter for further updates.  At most, I send out an email once a week…typically it’s closer to every 2-3 weeks.



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