Before the Success…

Did you ever notice that right before you are about to succeed:

  • It sometimes feels like you’re moving through rapidly drying superglue
  • There is the temptation to stop pushing because you know you’ve got it in the bag now.
  • All those little (and sometimes not-so-little) distractions challenge you, but staying on target creates a new level of balance in your life.
  • Sometimes even the best laid plans fall apart.  You want to wait until you can integrate that plan again, but you’re really better off letting it go and creating one that works now.  Anything else just pushes your goal that much further away.
  • You question whether you deserve the success.  Oh maybe not directly or in those words, but your actions tattle on you if you look at them.
  • You make a lot of excuses to yourself while trying to deny the building fear.  But the only way to get over the fear is to experience the unknown and then look back and know you made it.  Despite knowing that’s the way it is, you still look for a way to know without doing.  You’ve got to accept that you just have to do it, and then jump.  If you can’t jump, creep.  But forward is the only way through.

It helps to remind yourself that the outcome of everything on the above list hinges upon your actions, and that the ease or difficulty of getting through it to the other side hinges on your attitude and perceptions.  When everything else is out of your control, those things are still firmly yours.

Dream big.

Work smart.

Allow success.

Until next time, may your choices and actions today create a healthier ‘you’ tomorrow.

🙂 Kathryn

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