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“She thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway.” ~ Matchbox 20

[…Some of you are aware that my father died last month.  Since I process a lot of my emotions by writing, you might even be expecting a post about him. I’ve tried to figure out what to write when it … Continue reading

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Giggling with Ghosts

More of Will’s story will be posted soon, but this was on my mind today… Sun spilled in through colored glass windows and danced with the bluesy melody of a piano as the player’s voice stirred my soul.  Twenty years … Continue reading

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Chapter I continued…

This is a continuation of the story that started here.   There was a path through the pine trees and down the cliff on the left.  Deer and other creatures had helped, but his and Lily’s children were the ones … Continue reading

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A Novelette Experiment…

The following is an experiment.  I’m working on a project that won’t be done until the end of the year, engaging in a self-directed programming class, and writing a novelette to help introduce readers to the characters in Chasing.  That … Continue reading

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My first novel is published!

  From the back of the print version of Chasing… The life of a Chaser seemed to fit Ottum like well-made armor. She hunted and killed evil without questioning the path her life had taken – until the day evil … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing

After seven years of stop and go writing, intensive editing (and yet more editing), and several wonderful people who agreed to test-read, my first novel is about to be published.  Another project will grab my attention first, but I intend … Continue reading

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The Day Gandalf Died

Lord Of The Rings is an epic tale.  There’s drama, good versus evil, elves, orcs, magic, wizards, hobbits, bittersweet love, Gollum, The Ring—how do you not love such an epic story? There are many highs and lows in the book, … Continue reading

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Ninety-nine Bottles of Fear on the Wall

From time to time I’ll write a short story and post it.  They’ll be diverse and typically I won’t really edit them before posting.  Please let me know by posting in the comments section if you especially like one of … Continue reading

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An interview with Stella about Mel Gibson’s new movie, The Beaver

(Just a bit of warning that this post is more spicy than most of my writing, but I hope you enjoy Stella.  🙂 ) KJ: It’s great to have you with us today, Stella. Stella: When you say it that … Continue reading

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A Kansas Tornado (what my dog has taught me)

The first time I saw Tornado, he was a tiny black bundle of fur wiggling around in a cardboard box, willing to give little puppy kisses to anyone who got close enough.  My boyfriend (now husband) had arranged to pick … Continue reading

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