It starts with a kiss, a racing heart, a little confusion, a dash of wonder, blood draining fear, someone you love, someone you hate, or maybe simply someone you want to know better.

Next thing you know, charm, curiosity, and a hint of lust have you taking unusual chances and meeting new people. You get swept away along paths you wouldn’t have taken, facing unexpected twists and turns, and experiencing perspectives you didn’t even know existed.

That’s what a good story does for you.

Maybe you started to find friends, fight enemies, conquer fear, fall in love, learn a little, or some combination of the above. What ever your reason for starting, by the time you’re done, your world has changed.

Hi, I’m Kathryn Woodall, and from the nights of being busted for reading by flashlight long after my bedtime to the predawn typing sessions I now know, stories have shaped my world and changed my life.

If you like a good read as much as I do, please come in and make yourself at home. Feel free to curl up in your favorite spot with a mug of your favorite drink.

You’ll find a mix of fiction and nonfiction. But regardless of the style you choose, I hope you find something that makes you go, “hmm,” gives you hope, or makes you giggle.

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