A Sneak Peak…

I unexpectedly spent the better part of this last week at the hospital with my brother, so the interviews I promised have been delayed. They’re still in the works and hopefully at least one of them will make it to posted status by the end of next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve a bit of a sneak peak to share with you…

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a nutrition book with Coach Scott Sonnon. It’s a very exciting project and I think there will be something in it for just about anyone wanting to improve overall health and fitness.

As the book has taken shape and I’ve gained knowledge about what people want, I have come to realize that the content of this blog is too diverse for the primary audience visiting it. Therefore, I have started a new blog that contains only health-first fitness and nutrition information.

While it isn’t officially “live” yet, those of you who have been following me can get a sneak peak  HERE.

I’ll continue to blog at A Comfortable Soul, but the topics will have a broader range.  For instance, I have a fictional book that is most of the way finished and is likely to be for sale by next year.  I’ll talk about it here.  I’ll continue to post articles on success, observations about life, and points of interest.  I’ll even finish the “choose your own adventure”-style series I started a while back.  But for all things health-first fitness and nutrition, the new blog will be the place to go.

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