A Novelette Experiment…

The following is an experiment.  I’m working on a project that won’t be done until the end of the year, engaging in a self-directed programming class, and writing a novelette to help introduce readers to the characters in Chasing.  That doesn’t leave much time for blogging, and while I’ll continue to post some different content occasionally, I’ve decided to post the first draft of the novelette as I go.  It will eventually be edited and put together in eBook format—and first drafts seldom look much like the final version—but some of you might enjoy seeing a first draft and comparing it to final version later.  


Chapter 1


Jameson watched his neighbor drop 5 coppers into the hand of a boy who smelled like fish and ocean.

“Thank you, Mr. Boris,” the lad said.  He pulled a leather pouch from his pocket, added the coppers to the other coins already there, and walked away.  “Good night,” he called over his shoulder with a friendly wave.

Boris looked at Jameson and grinned.  “He’ll be at your shop tomorrow.”

Jameson nodded as the gulls at the docks fought over fish tails one of the sailors tossed overboard the Good Catch.  “I reckon you’re right.  Is he a good worker?”

“For a lad who hasn’t been in this world more than 7 years, he’s one of the best,” Boris said as he locked the door to his shop.

“I s’pose it really doesn’t matter.  That mop of black hair, those sparkling green eyes, and that smile of his has already won my wife to his cause—whatever that might be,” Jameson said with a sigh.

“Don’t know what his cause is, but the boy will work hard until he decides it’s time to move on to the next shop.  You ask Vince and Xandr.  They’ll tell you the same thing I jus’ did,” Boris said as he pointed up the street at the other shops.

“If he’s gonna steal my wife’s heart, at least he ain’t big enough to steal her kisses,” Jameson grinned.

Boris threw his head back and laughed.  “That’s why my Anya stays home.  If all the little ones she falls in love with look like me, she’ll forget that I’m not very good looking.”

Jameson shook his head and chuckled.  His own children were grown enough to be away at school, but Lily had brought them to the shop even when they were little.  She’d find something for the boy to do just like she’d found chores for their own children.  “Goodnight, Boris.  See you in the morning.”


* * *


Jameson stood at the peak of the cliff that looked out over the bay.  He and Lily had built their house up here for this view.  The sky was still filled with stars, but below him and to his left he could hear the waves crash against the rocks and throw spray into the air.  To his right, the bay curled into the rocky wall that wrapped its arms around the water like a protective lover.


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