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Have you ever read a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book?  Within each book there were several points of choosing the character’s next action.  You would make a choice and then go to the page associated with that choice.  You never knew if it would lead to your demise, a happy ending, or to yet another adventure with more choices to make.

I couldn’t get enough of those books as a kid.  It was exciting to quickly see the results of a choice.  It was also great to be able to go back and see the results of making the other choice(s).

Most of the time, life isn’t like that.  There are choices we make which change everything that comes after and there is no going back to see what the other choice would have meant.  Sometimes the choice is big enough we know it, and other times it is seemingly small.

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I thought it might be fun to write a few posts similar to the adventure books.  I’ll write a true story and then give two options.  One will be the real ending and the other will be fiction but they won’t be marked as such.  You can post in the comments of each which one you think it really is—if you are feeling really creative, you can post your own choice and ending.

Look for the first post by the end of next week.

Until next time, may the choices and actions you choose today create a healthier ‘you’ tomorrow.


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2 Responses to Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Matt says:

    Those books were awesome! It almost felt like cheating to change your mind after you got eaten by a dragon though. 🙂

  2. Maybe the dragon was sorry he ate you… 🙂

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