Over half way!

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today so this will be short.  There are steaks waiting to be grilled and a salad to make, but I wanted to touch base with all of you before spending the rest of the day with him.

Today is day 46 of the New Day’s Evolution and I hope that several of you are enjoying the benefits of sticking with it.  When I started this experiment several people said it was not as beneficial as setting longer term goals and sticking with them until they were completed.  While I will not argue that there is significant value in that type of goal setting, three daily goals is yielding significant results and has value too.  Each daily success adds up and it is volumes better than doing nothing to improve your health, happiness, and relationships.

In the last 46 days I have started a new business, gone from barely able to complete 10 minutes on the elliptical machine without resistance to completing a Trial By Fire in 22 minutes (oops!  It was actually just over 18 minutes – I looked at the wrong day when I was checking my log for the time) after 10 minutes on the elliptical at a resistance of 4, I can now perform FlowFit for 15 minutes without a prop (that just happened today!), said yes to the opportunity to write a book with a well-known author and fitness expert, improved a few relationships, and enjoyed the results of choosing to be happy each day.  All of that was done one day at a time and by following along with the guidelines of New Day’s Evolution.

What have you done in the last 46 days?  I’d love to hear from you and please feel free to share your successes.  You never know when you will inspire others to realize they can make a difference in their lives too.  If you missed the start of the 90 days, jump in and begin now.

Until next time, may your choices and behavior today create a better you tomorrow!


(LOL — I forgot to post this after I wrote it.  The steaks were delicious and I’m off for some quality time with my hubby.)

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